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Im just a typical teen (keep that In mind hehe)
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Shes Safe


It was just a normal house,
It wasn’t sad or lonely,
And her family had moved out

But this is where she died,
Where he said his final good bye,

Some how he can’t let go,
He thinks of her a lot when he’s alone,
Why did she have to go?
Deep down we really know,

Who would have thought that grave met so much,
There were so many,
I felt out of touch,
But his eye was on one,
This one he knew,
This brought him to tears,
For he knew he wouldn’t see her soon,

Six feet down she rest there safe,
We only hope,
That he will keep the faith,
Im sure he will always remember her face,
For her grave will always remain,

Six feet down, and safe,
From harms way,
For that no good man,
No longer can scar her face.

And the next time some one drives by that house,
For they wont even know,
That she isn’t around,
You may not know the story,
But you should know the fate,
How do we know?
That we won’t end up this way…

Author's Comments:
"This is a true story about my b/fs mom.....I never had the chance to meet her...."
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To the people who dont take poems to heart

Where do we go?
When we live no more,
Who is to say?
We don’t just rot away?

Must we all just stay the same?
Can’t we all just be this way?
No one under stands my faith,
Does no one see my face?

You read these questions of my mind;
But you go ahead and skip a few lines,
To me this is a good bye,
But you can never say I didn’t try

I have always wanted to fly,
But you all know I just get by,
Some days I walk around in my mind,
Have you ever seen me cry?

You have never seen me cry,
But now with these lines,
You can watch me die,

With all the things I have said,
You don’t even have a tear to shed,
You don’t even have a review to be read,
This poem will go on as unread,

Because you now have skipped to the bottom of my list
You choose to deny my bleeding wrist,
And have ignored this test,
Now I will forever rest



So this is my life,
Or so they claim,
I’m now made out of something,
That is all a lie.

So this is the path,
I must choose to take,
Ever sense I made the mistake of running away.

So now I’m a fake,
Or “happy”,
So I’m supposed to say.
Too bad you’ll never see,
The real me.

So babe,
Look away,
I’m such a fake,
I am nothing of what I claim.

When I look in the mirror,
I see someone else in my place,
“A better me”,
Or so they state.

So can’t you see?
This isn’t me,
There’s so much more to be,
At least there used to be.

Now I’m locked inside this thing,
Now, I can never leave,
I just watch my life pass by,
With you no longer by my side,
Wish I could tell you all these things,
So you would know,
This isn’t me,
Believe me please.

I wish I could show you,
But now I’m gone,
My soul was sold,
They sent it to a new home.

Now I just sit cold,
I need some hope,
Maybe it could set me free,
Free from their misery,

So just go away,
Because I’m a fake,
Nothing more then a mistake.

This is what they’ve made of me,
This perfect girl,
That has an empty heart,
I feel like a disease,
I’ve killed every soul I’ve ever known,
So now I'm made of stone,
Nothing more then broke.

Now I wish to rot away,
These are my last words,
Hope you throw them away,
Because I’m a fake,
I made of nothing more then shame,

So look away,
Because I’m such a disgrace,
To this amazing place,
Now I’m gone,
Knowing you don’t care at all………….


I Was Wrong

To when you find out YOU were the one who was wrong..

One sweet soul told me,
I let too many men walk all over me,

He was so right,

Some strangers sold me a lie,
They said I could be something great,

They were so wrong,
I couldn’t have done anything right.

I thought I saw a boy,
Who I could call my man,
But he never returned the call I left for him last week.

I was so wrong,

They said I’d be just fine,
When the pushed the signs to the bottom of their list,

They were so wrong,

….I just died,
Hear my screams in the night.



She used to sit under the willow tree
because this was where she always choose to bleed,
when no one would under stand her ways
this was the place to be.

It never judged her,
never questioned her ways,
just excepted her stubbornness
in a type of common grace.

And when the world out casted her unlikely soul
this is were they found her.
no cuts, no bruises,no guns,no pills,
just a simple pocket knife and one small scare.

they tried to wash the blood stains but they wouldn't come off.
it might have been from guilt.
this tragedy wasn't put in the paper,
and they were so ashamed that there was no gathering for her either.

But thats where they barried her, under that willow tree.
the only place they would let her be.
what she was,and what she became,.because the world never gave
the peace of mind that she was worth something more then a dime.

she fought as long as she could with what she had.
a pen, a paper ,a simple pocket knife
a scare to small for the world to see.

how could we forget the spot under the willow tree?
the only place they let her be.
but now all there is,
a rest in peace.

No one

to the people who can relate

There's no one here to calm my fears,
there's no one here to wipe my tears,
there's no one here for me to scream for,
for there's no one around anymore.

Where have all the sweet souls gone,
because all i can see is the fears from
the ones before.

For my death is near
with that i have great fear,
it shouldn't matter
there's no one for me to live for
or stick around anymore.


Last Words

Im all alone,
and this is nothing new ,
I feel lonely,
I feel cold ,
but then again I feel nothing at all.

There’s blood all over the floor,
im watching it drip all down my lifeless body,
And I m trying to make sure your not the last thing I see
before I close my eyes for the last time.

But your not the only reason things went wrong because really
I hate everything about my pointless life,

The winter are to long,
the summer is to short,
this town never shuts up about the gossip on my street,
my ex boy friend raped me,
and that makes me feel so dirty,
all my inner demonds haunt me.

I’m so tired but I cant sleep,
I toss and turn to hope for the best,
but the worst part of me always has its way.

I’m trying hard to fight this,
but I think the devil has won this,
Were is God in this time of need,
oh yeah I ask for his help but I think he was to busy,
Though he might have wanted things to work out this way
because im starting to see the light.

I thought i'd let you know im not afraid to die..
im actually starting not to cry.

But there’s so many things I would like to know,
Who’s going to find me ,
Who’s going to be there when they say goodbye,
Who’s going to cry,
who's going to want to die.

Truth is I don't think anyone is going to care ,and that even if they find my body,
im really starting to wonder
what my last words should be….


Unwelcomed dream

to the people who cant follow in there own dreams

If I could just wish for one thing,
it would be to rid of this unwelcomed dream.
So I could move on to whats supposed to be,
because everyone tells me that this is the wrong thing.
So I must choose to believe,
that its not meant to be,
this new found thing is not for me.

No matter how hard I wish to dream,
they wont let me follow this thing.
They call it the unwelcomed dream.
So fly away to a place where you will belong,
because no one will accept this dream,
besides me.

But it seems as though no one wants to believe.
They call it the unwelcomed dream.
and with this I must choose to bleed
because no one will let me live this bitter sweet thing.
my small unwlecomed dream.


No Reason

To those people who you dont know even though their right next door

Her body falls to the ground,
Cause of death,
No reason to stick around.

Her pure white sheet,
Now blood stained red,
She was just tired of the heart ache and dread.

No friends,
Just family she called from time to time,
She always had to tell them a bunch of lies,
Hear her say, “Mom I’m fine”

She always cleaned the house,
She listened to the songs in her mind,
No one ever came over,
No, not even to say hi,
They forgot all about her,
They now just read her rhymes.

So many times she lay awake,
Wishing for an earth quake,
Now just her body lies on that bed,
Now that her soul left.

Days turn to weeks,
Weeks to months,
Family begins to wonder if there is something up.

Opened the door,
Something smelled funny,
Dad called her name,
Mom began to cry,
They saw her lying with the butterflies.

I promise the images never will leave their minds.

Wind blowing in threw the open window,
Her skin pale white,
Mothers face scared with fright.

There is blood all over the place,
But there she sits full of grace,
I think she’s happy to leave this place.
Mom just cries not believing her daughters fate.

The neighbors heard the screams,
Some came running not believing,
That this would happen.

This is really sad to say…
Not one knew her name.
Oh this story is such a shame.

All agreed that this didn’t look good,
They could be blamed with this sweet soul’s fate.
Bowed theirs heads and cleaned the mess,
And before they burned the body,

This is what I said,

You fool,
What did she do so wrong?
She should be barred with the angels from above,
I wish I was her,
So I wouldn’t have to see
All this greed
Such a sad thing this is,
Now I wish to leave just burn me too
Why the hell should I be with you?


To all the questions in my head some days

Am I here?
Who needs a prayer?
What am I now?
Has everything gotten this far down?
Am I still alive or is it all in my head?

Is pain and suffering what the world feeds on?
Can you believe I’m this far gone?
Do you think I’ll be able to hold on?

Do you still think of what we never had?
Will you be sad if I am found?
Is there any loving souls around?
Or am I the last one allowed?

Who are you now that I have left?
Can you shed a tear on the dead?
Goodnight for now there’s nothing left.

The Time Of Day,She died

5 Am is how I’ll start this line,
She was up before God this time,
Going to a job that she hates all the way around,
You never hear her complain,
It’s what she does to numb the pain.

The time is now noon,
The tears will start to fall soon,
She can only take so much,
Of every one needing some help,
No one notices with her sunglass on,
That she’s slowly giving up.

The time is now 6,
She’s so mentally tired,
Of what everyone says,
She’s on her way home again,
She sits on her table and cries some more,
Her messages cleared,
No phone calls in weeks,
Hear her say,
How pathetic is this?

She takes some pills,
The whole bottle that is,
She falls down,
And smiles…..

Suicidal Voices

To anyone who has suicidal thoughts

I’m ready to go crazy,
All the suicidal voices,
Are trying to get to me,
I want to make peace with this,
Don’t want it to end like this.

I tried ignoring them,
But they just scream,
“You know you want it”
They creep…
All inside of me.
So I try to fall asleep,
But now their in my dreams,
The walls are closing,
The floor is falling,
Now I’m screaming,
“Get the hell away from me”

I wake up shaking,
Don’t know what else to do,
But pick up the knife.

Before I do….
One last time,
I’ll try to get rid of the screams.
Although their in my so deep.

Now with all the candles lit,
I try once more to make peace with this.
I close my eyes and pray,
“Lord send them away”

I listen to the sounds of the night,
Hear it say,
“We know you want to die”
Now I’m starting to scream inside,
All the voices are taking control of me,
Just a little at a time.

Their putting these images in my mind,
That are making it harder to fight.

I cant help but start to give in,
It’s to hard to hold it in,
The wind whispers to me,
“Cut yourself slowly”

I fall to the ground,
I see no light,
Mom and dad can’t hear me dying,
Over their own fights,

I’m all alone,
I find comfort in their voice,
I slice my arm all the way down to my wrist,
My body is freezing,
The voices are laughing at me,
Now it’s to late better make this fun,
Now I cut my legs up and down,
Deeper and deeper it goes in.

My eyes are getting tired,
Don’t feel a thing,
My skin is bleeding,
I stumble by the water,
I look to see myself before I fall in,
But I don’t see anything,
Nothing more then sin.

The water was cold I’m sure,
I didn’t even feel a thing,
I float down to the bottom of the lake,
I hope they never find me.

I guess I wasn’t strong enough,
To fight the suicidal thoughts,
Now ill rot in hell,
Now I just ask,
Where was God?

Author's Comments:
"some times we fight and we fight... and it just doesnt do any good"


*Tale To Come*

to the poeple who didnt like this rhyme before it was done..

She was giving in,
She was breaking down,
She tired seems like for ever to hold on,
The world keeps spinning her round and round.
She hid it well,
No one saw till it was to late.

They talked too restlessly behind her back
Never thinking she would find out,
She heard every word.
She heard all the rumors that went around,
Some much about her,
So little true.

All the days that ended in tears,
All the dreams that were taken away,
All the phone calls she never got.
Do I need to go on?
All the problems she had with no help,
Sunk deep in with no shown shame.

She bitterly cried for just a little help,
They could have care less,
They just laughed a little more,
A little more pain she shed.

She held her head high till she began to cry,
Then it washed all her strength away,
All the tears blurred her thoughts,
And just like that her mind was made.

She wrote a little note,
Climb up the town walls,
Till she she was on top,
So everyone could see what they did to her so deep.

You could have watched her fall down,
Right there in town.

Some felt bad and cried for help,
Too late she had already chosen her fate.
She was so tired of holding it in,
All those scares came out as she screamed can still hear the echoes in the street.

She said not another word,
Just pulled the trigger,
Then fell face down,
She hit the floor.
It hurt so bad.

All was silent,
Not one soul moved,
Nothing was said,
They all knew.

They read this note that i left for them,
Then silently choose the path lead.

They would never speak of the tragedy again,
She was dropped down the river,
Not a prayer was even said.

All was brain washed
All memories gone,
All except mine,
I left just in time.

I wrote this note of the "tale to come"
Then with just the pull of a finger,
I was done,
Then I fell strait down.

Now with this note read,
I will rest in peace,
One last request
...pass it on



There’s no one in the world but you tonight,
Everyone has some one to love but you this time,
You don’t know why God is punishing you this way,
Guess I have to deal with this fate,

Just wish I could delete this as if it wasn’t true,
but I guess I need to except the fact of being alone unlike you



The Girl With No Name

To the people who feel like their worthless

She sways from side to side,
from the rope the world hung her from,
she never knew what to do with her time,
now there's nothing left for her to bare with
she told them she'd rather die.

But no one believed her they choose to ignore the signs,
now its to late.
It wasn't suicide because it cant be her fault,
the weight of the world is to blame no one wanted to help.

I think they all Saw the pain she had
if only some one would have told her she could have done so much.

And the saddest part of this story will be that there
was no one she knew to cut her down,
except a strangers face,
she showed him a better way,
now he no longer sleeps under the cemetery trees.
He only comes to thank her the girl with out a name ,
that the world forgot all about till that day
she never made a difference untill she fled away.




Look at me,
I’m such a disease
I’m so sick looking and weak ,
I’m right down here on my knees

And I beg for some one to see,
That I’m starting not to breath,
I only ask for one favor please,
To pick up the pieces of my heart, and leave,

Do you see what he has done,
Left me lifeless, broken and numb?
Now look what I have become,
A worthless body that no one will love.

There’s our fake love, all over the floor,
And he just walked right out that door,
Thought I was gonna make it through the night,
But oops, look at that...I just died






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