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yes after all the sad poems..there is hope for me....

Years before

Hes dreaming of a better way
to sleep at night,besides drinking
the problem away.

He finds comfort in a strangers voice,
but he feels like he has no choice
but to say good bye.

He thought droped the cause
but is left with A problem,
he searchs
high and low
far and wide,
but he can't find the problem to his life,
The fortune teller told him to give up
"all you can do is numb your pain"
but his will carry's him on
to find a better way.

He feels as though no ones home
but he knocks on the door anyway,
some one answered
but it wasnt the person
he is today,
it is a familiar face from long ago
it would have to be the person he was
the years before.

Now re acquainted
when everyone doubted the fact,
he choose to fight on
to find the missing soul
that she stole from him long ago.

Now he sleeps so well at night and there's
no bottles of wine in sight,
he finally sees the life
out side
like he did before,
and welcomes
the no longer stranger
in his life...hes never felt so alive.
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Some Day

To my future rhymes

Cotton candy rhymes are not things I see in me,
I hate to write about something that is worthless to me.
Don’t get me wrong,
I truly love to read all you guy’s sweet dreams,
Reading these brings a smile to my face,
Gladly knowing I’m the only true disgrace.

I just hope he doesn’t look down on me.

My writing is my only escape,
Makes my eyes open to see every one who doesn’t care about me.

Dark things is just me for now,
Someday I hope some of you will get to see,
A better part of me,
Because right now this cant be me,
Right now,
I’m just a messed up teen,
Fighting a battle,
That hasn’t yet come to haunt me.

So just let me be,
Please don’t judge me,
I promise this isn’t me,
Someday you’ll all see,
Another side that will be,
Just me.

Holding On To Nothing

To the things we hold on to even though we know its not there

Couple days ago,
I finally found what I was searching for,
Turned out it wasn’t there at all,
I’m still missing something,
That doesn’t exits at all.

So now what?
I guess I’ll start over again,
Searching for myself,
Or at least a part of it.

For some strange reason,
I see myself alone,
Just a pad,
A paper,
Down an old dirt road.
Singing to a song,
That a hardly know.
Trying to seek inspiration,
Because mine left so long ago.

I often have these dreams,
On how my life should be,
I think they are the reason I’m holding on,
Or maybe they’re not there at all,
Oh it would be so much like me,
To hold on to something,
That was never there for the keeping.

“I’ve got to make this life make sense,”
The sweet voice says,

Though he’s not the only one,
Who feels lost and forgotten.

I bet he feels left out and mistreated,
I bet he feels his words are often over readied.

Oh what do I know,
I’m just a lost soul.

I’ve been judged and mislead
I’ve been taken, abused, and beaten,
Thrown out and mocked,
Stepped on like a rock.
But I need to quit looking back,
And start to move ahead
So I can become something that’s better then what I am right now.


In Time

To the olds souls like me

My mind is so cloudy of all the things everyone tells me,
and if i choose to believe all the thoughts of the minds around me
I would have to cut myself daily.

If they could only realize
that this young person is barley surviving,
maybe they would go easy on me just this time.

And I know its a tragedy
that I can't handle all the weary roads ahead of me.
but see I'm only fourteen,
how could anyone love me?
because you see I'm not that pretty,
one day a bitter sweet someone told me ,
"don't worry your old soul will be just fine in time"

So is this so true and will life's mystery become next weeks story,
will I find the other part of me?

One night a dream told me
"don't be in such a hurry,just believe me it will come to you in time".
And some people tell me
care full what you wish for,
now I see their point.

I was in such a hurry and this world
is so scary and its to late
to turn back time.

To what I used to be

Remember how I was wrong,
How every one told me to move on.

Remember how it used to be,
The strength I had in me.

Remember everything I used to say,
And how I knew it was too good to be true.

Now I lay here wondering how its suppose to be,
Was I too blind to see?
That there was something wrong with the picture beneath.

I went my own way,
And finally I’m changed,
Where you are and who you’ve become,
I can honestly say…
I no longer care at all.
same burdon alone

to all that are tired

She sat down at the bus stop
to realize nothings ever changed.

He ponders down town after dark
to wonder if there’s something more to life then meets the eye,

A mother doesn’t see what’s before her eyes
as her child cuts himself daily to numb the pain below the skin.

From what i've seen looks like no one cares about life anymore.
Im so mentally tired of what goes on around me,
and from what I've seen,
looks like every one is carrying the same burdon alone.

And we all cry out for help in our own little way,
We all cover up the scars for the same reasons,
Its funny how nobodys figured out that their not alone.

If they would just reach out for help they would see,
Their not at all alone indeed.
For all those out there who don’t know…
the weight of the world isn’t in your hands alone.

Just Me

to the poeple who are being controled by someone else

Everything I’ve done has been wrong,
I was told this today,
All my life has been pointless,
I was told this,
you should have been there,
it was so heartless.

I was told to start somewhere new.
The last 15 years has been a mistake,
I’m just sorry I’m worth nothing to you.

So now I’m all alone in this regret full place,
And this time there is no bright side,
Except to walk away.

Now where do I go,
You made this thing my life,
You tried to make me all a fake.
Sense you failed you choose not to admit it
You’d rather throw me all away

Now the only place I want to go is strait up to the moon,
Where no one would see me fail,
I could finally rest in peace,
And try to put this mess that you made up back together again.

Could this be the only place time would freeze?
Would my age never change till I came back here with a name,
Or should i just face my fait?

Have you really finally agreed to set me free?

But back on what I was talking about,
I do have a habit of changing the subject around,
Is that why no one wants me?
Oops there I go again.

Id look for the north star,
Id follow it around till I found something worth the taking,
Maybe it would lead me to a new dream,
Something other then what you wanted me to be.

when I come back no one would have realized I left ,
Because im the girl with no name,
But I wont be any more,
Now im free ill create my own identity ,
Other then “your toy”

I guess your right after all,
I did need to get away.
Because now I will be my own,
Now I will be whole,

I’m nothing like what you wanted me to be,
For the first time I can breath with out you telling me too
For just once there’s nothing for me to be,
Except just _me101

For Just One Day

to mzhusseys challange

For just one day,
I wish I could fly away,
For just one day,
I wish I could end the world’s heart ache,
For just one day,
God could take a break.

I would soar around,
Comfort the weary,
And be their for the lonely.
For just one day the world wouldn’t be so scary.

For just one day,
Not one soul would have to die,
Not one soul would want to cry,
All the suicidal thoughts would leave the dreary,
All the crippled could walk around so gracefully.

For just one day,
I wish every one could get along,
For just one day the devil would lay off.

For just one day,
I wish I could see,
How it was meant to be.

For just one day,
No one would be angry,
Wouldn’t we all be so happy?

Everything quit,
All in it’s place,
For just one day,
Would be the only mistake.


In The Years To Come

To my future dreams

I’m tired Of writing about past and present things,
I just really want to leave,
Now I want to write about future things
Watch me write about my future dreams.

In the years to come,
I want to see Rome,
Write a short story,
And no longer be AS naughty.

I want to find love,
Then loose it again,
Replace my broken heart,
Then show the world what I’m about.

Forget to call me mom,
Then surprise her with a visit,
Wouldn’t she feel pleasant?

When I wake up,
I want to have a purpose,
Instead of feeling deserted,
I know it won’t be perfect.

Some day start a family,
I’ll never name my kid Sidney,
And no matter what they say,
I won’t be a stay at home mom.

I will teach them things,
That I never learned,
And when I grow old,
I pray they all will be loved.

Hope I will still love my husband,
Even with a few extra pounds,
Long as he’s still funny,
I’ll love to hang out.

When a die,
I will kiss Gods feet,
And joyfully say “Lord I’m beat”.

In my years to come…
Till then I really need a full time job!!


If I Could

To the things I want to do

If I could do anything,
I would get the hell out of town,
I would drive away,
And say “see you around”

I wouldn’t have a destination,
I wouldn’t have a clue on what I wanted to do,
With the rest of my life,
It would be all new.

But all I know is I would drive some where new,
So I would no longer have to listen to you.

I would follow the pavement,
Look for a beach,
I would sit down and write for awhile,
Till I found a way to stop faking my smile.

I would find a bridge,
Take a lot of pictures,
Sign my name and write a few letters.

I would send them to people,
Who thought I was weaker,
Show them I made it,
And how I’m not ashamed of it.

To the people who believed,
I would say thank you,
For cheering me on when no one else would,
How sad is that not even my family would be apart of it……
Life Threw My Eyes Right Now

To my Thoughts at the moment

I’ll never see a sun set,
Like the one I saw tonight,
And I’ll never have a moment,
Like I have right now.

Times fly’s,
This is nothing new you say,
But my point would be,
I hope you enjoyed your stay.
The life you live is priceless,
I hope one day you’ll see it the same way.

I see the leaves fall,
I know the year is at its prime,
I’m scared what will happen,
In my future run around.

If I just had some one to call my own,
To hold my hand on this lonely road,
My brain would feel at peace,
Knowing some one would always stand by me.

To the fight in life

I’m stuck in this world,
That I truly despite,
And for some strange reason,
All I do is fight.

I have no purpose,
Like I have no rights,
But for some reason,
All I want to do is fight.

Fight for a reason,
Fight for a sign,
Fight for a love,
That I can truly define.

Fight for a moral,
Fight for my time,
Fight for the questions that build up in my mind.

Fight for my future,
Fight for some grace,
Fight for a purpose,
That will help me find my way.

So as long has a wake,
I will always repeat,
“I’ll fight for my life,
Till I find what I seek.”

Author's Comments:
"Keep fighting.........."

Staying Strong

I’m sitting in the dark,
Trying to figure out what my life’s about,
We all have our doubts,
On how to carry ourselves.

Oh some days I just can’t hold on,
Though some one told me just to be strong,
But I ask,
How can make this life last?
When no one gives a crap,
I just don’t know what to be,
My life seems pointless to me.

I’m watching the incense burn,
And it reminds me a lot of life,
As the ashes burn,
Our minutes turn,
And once the flame is gone,
We will become lost,
Our thoughts become a waste,
Oh what a bitter life we make.

Why are these turns in life so hard?
Some times I wish I was just gone,
But some one told me to hold on,
That some one told me to just be strong.

But I ask,
How can I? when all I see
Is sorrowed men that don’t give a dam,
And children crying because their mentally dying,
Am I the only one who sees something wrong?

Does any one see the signs?
Does any one realize that we’re living a lie?
Would any one believe?
That the fate of this world is in jeopardy…..

So now I’m sitting in the dark,
Trying to figure out what my life’s about,
And now I think I might see a meaning,
To help a world that will soon be dying…
I know I can’t do everything,
But just maybe,
If every good person in the world holds on,
If they just stay strong,
Maybe we can defeat,
The on going battle of selfish greed,
And all the evil deeds….
Who’s with me?


Within Me

To the will power we all have in us

I woke up this morning,
Only to find myself in a cage,
I’m theirs so wither,
I’m theirs to break.
Because of what I’ve done,
I’m theirs to waste.

Oh I can taste this bitter fate.

I ran away,
Only trying to escape,
But now I’m faced with their hypercritic ways.

I fought forever,
Trying to fight this change
But today I looked in the mirror,
And I can’t recognize my face.

So now here I am,
They just threw me out,
I have nothing to be,
I am nothing to see,
I guess now no one wants me.

So now what?
I just don’t know what to do,
Seems like every where I go,
All I see is the bitter cold,
Ice cold hearts made of stone.

I just want some hope,
Something to bring me out of this hole,
But I guess I have to figure it out on my own.

So now as I sit in the street,
I now see something I didn’t before
Though it all depends on what I want to be,
Because I just realized…
All the hope I need,
Is right here within me


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