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What can I say?

I hate

To the pain deep down

I hate me,
I hate you,
I hate what God is putting me threw,

I hate time,
I hate to fly,
I hate everything about this fucking life,

I hate the sun,
I hate the moon,
I hate anything that reminds me of you,

I hate the night,
I hate the day,
I hate when some one has so much faith

I hate love,
And I hate, hate,
But I need to accept this fate


so harsh

You’re so harsh,
And I cant even get the words out,
I just want to shout,
“get the hell out”

Your sleeping soundly now,
While I’m dying inside your arms right now,
Funny how life works out,
And I know I’m just being difficult now.


A Childs Frustration

Trying to make peace,
With the demons in me,
Though they don’t want to go away,
Do you see what I’m trying to explain?
I'm withering away,
Oh at such a young age,
My mind is weak,
No one there to bring me peace.

They just like to bitch in my face,
And call it a day,
I feel like a disgrace
No one tells me different,
I’m really starting to give in to them,
Maybe I'll just show them,
What I can be.

Some day I’ll move away,
They will never see me,
They say “you need us
You’ll never repay us,
You can be nothing with out us”.

It makes me sick,
I don’t need your stupid shit!
I’m sure I’ll be better off with out it,
Some day I know I’ll make it,
In this world by myself.
No one besides me,
I’ll live in a house
With just me.

What else can I say?
I’m really feeling glum,
I know I really love them,
But right now I’m just sick of them!
So please forgive me,
For what I’m about to say…
Some day I’ll want to take it back,
But for now,
I’m going to scream it.

Just leave me the hell alone!!!!
I need some breathing space,
Oh my God!
Why do you hate the fact I want to be something great,
Are you jealous of this fate?
I don’t know just let me be,
But if this keeps up,
Let it bleed,
I just can’t follow,
Your dreams that make you hollow.

I have a free spirit,
And a open mind,
Something you lack indeed,
I just hope one day you’ll see,
How I turned out,
But if you never do,
I hope you guys will be ok,
With chasing your daughter away.

Author's Comments:
"I was very frustrated"



Too Bad

To My Bad Morning

Too bad,
I’m so stupid,
Always making mistakes.
Too bad,
I’m too clingy,
Always reaching for your hand.

I’m sorry I worry so much,
Always trying to change for the worst.

It’s such a shame,
That you’re so great,
And I’m dismay.

It’s a shame,
That I wont see you again,
How your proud of it,
Saying to your friends, “she’s not worth it”.

Oh how you’re so right,
You never tell a lie,
You’ll move on only forgetting my name,
But my face will surly remain.

As for me,
I’ll try to make due,
With so much to prove,
Breaking hearts was never my best trait,
But you on the other hand,
Is a whole other rhyme…..

Can't Do Everything

To my parents

I’m so frustrated
On how they put me down,
They push me up there to do it all,
Like I can with stand and be tall,
But really I’m ready to fall.

They put the blame on me,
Like I’m suppose to be able to do everything,
Like I can handle anything,
When really I’m just weakening.

Then they call me crazy,
Like I was made to put up with all their hypocrisy,
Oh they never worry about me,
Just get pissed off at what I can’t achieve.

They ask what’s wrong with me,
When I’m on the edge,
When I crack with one sarcastic word said,
Then they just get angry,
Like I’m meant to be perfect or something.

One day I’m going to just leave,
But before I do I’ll say this…….


You pushed me up there,
To handle it all,
And now I’m just gone,
I don’t care at all,
Handle your own problems,
For just one night,
Get some one else to deal with your fights,
Because I’m just tired of hearing you whine.

You thought I would always be there,
Like I meant to live my life for you,
Like my whole life has nothing to do with it,
And I was made to handle all your cries.

Don’t get me wrong,
I love you so much with all my might,
But I’m just tired of dealing with all of this all the time,
I just want my own life,
I’m tired of picking up all the slack,
When no one else give a crap,
It wouldn’t bother me so much,
But you never even take time to understand,
Why I’m so upset.


They just think I’m made to be stone,
To be some one who will never be broke,
I know I used these words before,
But it’s how I feel lately,
And there’s just nothing I can do.

This is all I have to get this out,
I just wish I could tell them this,
With out them taking everything out on me because of this,
I hope one day they’ll just understand me when I say this
“I can’t do everything.”

Author's Comments:
"I was sooo fustrated when I wrote this... and indeed alot of it of over reacted.........I wrote this in alot of anger and I just want to state I LOVE MY PARENT MORE THEN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!!! and they have done sooo much for my ...this poem does not show that..soon I hope to write one that does


Don't really Care

To That sunday morning...

How do you feel?
I already said I was fine,
Just your eyes ponder in my mind.
So bright see the stress,
Sorry I’m the cause of this mess.

You don’t know what to say,
I know it’s in the back of your head,
You say “I’m confused”,
Just get over it will you?

I don’t care if you can’t handle it,
I pushed you up there,
I knew I shouldn’t have called,
What a mistake,
Watch me fall.

Short and bitter is the likeness we share,
As we question the error of this place.

It’s so funny how little I care,
I’m just tired of being a mistake,
Rather me or them,
Words fall into place,
“It shouldn’t have happed, what a mistake”.

Oh God I just hate those words.

From what I’ve seen,
I just can’t put it into words that fit,
I write it the best I can,
And put the book of pointless rhymes.
For now I'm done I just can’t get by……

Mixed Up Thoughts

Shooting stars,
Painful scars

Distant voices,
And bitter choices.

I watched my life pass by when I kissed him goodbye,
Stupid me made him apart of my time.

If you love something set it free,
And if it comes back it’s meant to be,
Is what he told me,
Funny how I just don’t believe his stories.

Moving on,
Now there’s some one new,
Sometimes I feel he just won’t due.

He wants me to call,
Yet he’s so distant,
He says he’s tired,
I just think he’d rather watch the District.

I just don’t believe theirs anyone for me,
I have spent most of my time alone you see,
I seem to loose my identity so easily,
I always ask what the fuck is wrong with me?

What am I going to do,
Other then waste all my time with you.
If I lost my site,
My future wouldn’t feel very bright.

But this is all beside the point,
Oh wait there never was one,
These are just some mixed up thoughts,
Just some mixed up thoughts from me,
But who gives a dam
Aww there it is,
That’s my point beneath this rhyme,
Now I'll carry on with my time.


this is to everyone who got a bad review

I’m writing this in frustration,
Can’t you feel my pain,
Do you feel like it’s your job to make my life miserable every fucking day?

And the answer is yes im hurting deep with in,
Its not just because of you.
Can you see all the scares in my writing.?

And no you couldn’t get a better picture of me if you met me first hand,
Because all that I am is in this ink,
This ink is all I can ever be.

And im not going to care what you think of this rhyme,
because honestly it has nothing to do with you.
I don’t think it came from your mind.

All you do is read it and judge it ,
Regardless of the point,
You bitch and moan about the grammar
and that the lines aren’t in place all the time.
Yes I know your right!!!
But this isn’t your I not right?
Go get your own ,
And ill let you know what I think ,
The same way you did to me.

I don’t mind your criticism ,
I welcome it most times.
Just this once could you ignore my punctuation.
Don’t worry about the spelling,
Just read what’s its about,
and what im trying to say this time.

But its not going to matter to me,
If you only give me one star this time,
and write me a nasty line,
I’m not going to give a fuck one bit, it served its purpose,
Did you get what I meant?

Author's Comments:
"at first i didnt want to put this on here,but i just did and i dont want anyone to take this wrong,its not pointed at anyone,just to the poeple who might take this place a little to much,remember peorty comes from feelings,yuo cant just throw their thoughs and the trash"

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