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"Just Me" Poetry

Vacation pics

Vacation ROCKS!!:)

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This is me..i was very tired...we just had gotten in las was a long flight
(well worth it though:)


This was one of the islands(tortola) from our cruise that we took,
this is an veiw from the boat.


from left to right..
me,my mom,my lil brother Daniel and my older sister Shawna



this is my mom and dad in a hotel in las vegas...dont ask me whitch one.....:S


this is up top on the boat where the pool was...
they had a big party going on ..the music was so loud you couldnt hear
any one talking....
we all look bad because we had to drive 13 get to new york
there was 6 of us..we were cramped and tired and smelly LOL,
joel already was asllep in our room...he was getting ready for that night wink wink


this is one of the islands we went too...they were beautifull this picture is just one of many that I thought really discribed how peacfull and untouched it really was



this is me and joel..hehe
we are on the boat in the main lobby


This was when we were just pulling out of the docks in new york.....It was somthing to see being it was my first time in new york




Music is my only true salvation