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Hey all,
I'm back now (I promise!) and will be making alot more updates so check me out weekly to see whats up.also i have still have myspace..(who doesn't?)
oh and I would LOVE to thank all my loyal friends who stuck around while I was gone I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

What's New?

updated    5/22/07
Hello all how are you?, yeah I have been better.....I have just ended a 2 year realationship with joel...the man I thought I cared so much about.But I realized I was chasing something  that was never there in the first place.And thats a hard realization....but I am trying to move on.
I moved out of Augres (thank God!) and moved in with some friends /family in Traverse city.....I didnt move back home for the simple fact they didnt even want me there. no matter what they tell you lol.I have a job at the Buckle ..and a also am working at a little coffe place in the mall...its cute and peaceful. I like it here in traverses....its everything I need....And hey IM SINGLE!!!!!
On web site updates computer is in my car lol  so I cant get any writting on here but I have posted some on myspace so  go see it if you need a fix...I would  love to make some changes on here if you have any ideas please let me know ok?
Still on myspace and Im on usually everyday so if you want to know more about whats up..hit me up some time!!!

So have any funny jokes ,kool web sites,or great poetry you would like to put on my site? let me know and I would love to put it on here....


Short Stuff
Ok I Know some of you dont like reading all that long stuff so I am going to have a new "short poem" every month?
Happy? I would hope so :)


To what I used to be

Remember how I was wrong,
How every one told me to move on.

Remember how it used to be,
The strength I had in me.

Remember everything I used to say,
And how I knew it was too good to be true.

Now I lay here wondering how its suppose to be,
Was I too blind to see?
That there was something wrong with the picture beneath.

I went my own way,
And finally I’m changed,
Where you are and who you’ve become,
I can honestly say…
I no longer care at all.

Poem of the month
I Am A Mistake

To anyone who has been judged after they have been saved

Dear lord,
Forgive me for I have sinned,
Over and over and over again,
But in my defense,
So have all my friends.

I have been drunk,
And have made love,

I have been smoking,
And hoping,
I wouldn’t give in,

I have said your name in vane
I have acted really lame,
And believe me I write this in shame,

Right now every one is disappointed in my life,
And believe me,
So am I,
But hey its life,
I have to get over it some time,

Dear Lord,
I have sinned,
Time and time again,
But in my defense,
This is the life you made me live,

And I ask for your forgiveness again,
Time and time again
Because I always choose to fucking ignore,
(There I go)
The signs you have tried to make me live for.

I lie,
And cry,
I have thought about suicide
So I guess that makes me want to die,

Though really I just want to fly,
And I used to want to sit by your side,
But lately my vision is blind,
Most likely because Im so high,

My whole life is like a crime,
And I just wish I could deny,
I can’t even say I tried,
Because I always go back and multiply,

And now you all may judge the way I have spent my time,
But I guess I might has well state,
“I know I am a mistake”
And I deserve what ever comes my way……



Oh yeah and I have just gotten everything copyrighted so I just want to make this quick statement


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