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some things you should know .
about me
....if you dare

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This page,well is about me....
like you wouldnt have ever guessed? lol

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Hi every one,
my name is Andrea, Im 16
And I am like alot of people claim, "an old soul"...
Though thats kinda hard o difine...
I have been living on my own sense I was 15 and I like it that way..yes I have had help..but when I want something...I fight for it ...its just the way Ive always been that way..though sometime it hurts me then it does good....
I really dont know how to discribe myself...Im changing daily....and I think I like that..I know Im crazy and outgoing and head strong....I have a strong will....I got that from my mom..though I havnt talked to her in some time I miss her dearly . e have a different opions on life ..or more like mine.......
my fav song right now is breaking benjamins "breath" discribs my feelings towards life at the moment .......
Im a very active person,
I love playing chess,surfing the web, working,reading writting,
swimming,rock climbing, dancing ,
bike riding,playing sports,anything really......
Im always willing try something at least once.
I love hanging out with my friends....and not one of them are my age,
I have always believed that I can learn something from some one older,
and its really time I learned that's its not a good idea to come home with a nose ring after you drove off with your dads new car...I wont say names;)
Poetry is a very big part of my life,
I write every day for the peace of mind.
and I have over 200 poems,
and over 100 lyrics that I would love to hear on the radio some day,
but that to me isn't reality at all,
just dreams that keep people going.
"We are only are what we pretend to be"
I don't claim to be any different then any body else,
I am just an ordinary girl,
with plans just like every one else,
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I don't judge any one,
who ever what ever they are,
I think that's fine,
how do we have the right to judge any one when in reality,
we are all the same,
as crazy as that sounds,
just a thought *smiles*

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If you want to get to know me even more
or even yourself....My Zodiac


Favorite Stuff

These are just some funny little facts about me
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Favorite TV Show:
Friends!!!!! for comedy,
and ummm one of thoughs C.S.I. shows..
I think...
Favorite Movie:
anything with adam sandler
Favorite Music:
love all music but country...
Favorite Book:
Da Vinci Code
Favorite Food:
pinapple,steak,ice cream hehe
People I Most Admire:
well thats hard to say because I admire
Alot of people but I have to say my mom on stop of all
All Time Dream
my all time dream is to turn on the radio
and hear one of my song lyrics
Favorite flower
well I Love yellow roses
and lillys as well
Favorite poet:
well thats to hard to say...
ME just kidding
I dont know......
Favorite bands
oh Im killing myself...
I have way to many....but top ten...(not in order)
  1. the used
  2. saliva
  3. crossfade
  4. system of a down
  5. dash bord confessions
  6. unwritten law
  7. cold
  8. papa roach
  9. ten years
  10. nirvana

Here is some more fun facts about me

Favorite Food:
Everything......(no I was never fat)
Favorite quote:
"I'd rather be hated for who I am, then loved for what I'm not" (Kurt Cobain)
Favorite color:
All of them..
Favorite day:
A good one
Favorite drink:
Well I have many...jack and coke...though is what comes to mind....
Favorite late night show:
The dumb ones....
Favorite chic flick:
I’m a girl......ALL OF THEM!!
Favorite song(or at least one):
Unwritten Laws "save me"
A famous dead person I would want to meet:
Kurt cobain
A question I would ask him:
...Why he did it..and did it hurt....
Hottest guy in the world:
My boyfriend......ok here’s the real answer ...there’s a lot of guys...but at the moment....Ryan Reynolds,
Hottest girl:
...well I would love to say me but.....that one Victoria secret model..the one in all the commercials.
Favorite clothing item:
Shoes and mini skirts..(yes I know that’s more then one.....
Favorite love movie:
Not into them
The longest crush I've ever had:
......the one I had on our car sales man.....(he was hot)
Dirty little secret:
I'm kinky?
Worst thing I’ve ever done:
.....I’m not mom reads this!!!!!!!!
Longest time I've spent on the internet:
Well Once I spent 12 hours none stop...(no I’m not crazy...I just don’t like to sleep)
The dumbest thing I've ever done:
Well there was this one time I used my wrist watch light to try and see what time it was on the wall clock.......(yes my wrist watch worked....:(
A moment I most regret:
..the times when I never went for what I truly wanted.
Worst part of my personality:
Well my boyfriend says its my self-conscious ness  but I think its my indecisiveness (I bet you could NEVER TELL :)
Longest time I've spent in a bathroom:
4 hours or so.....
Ummmm ok thats all I got for now

Favorite Quotes

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Here are some funny little things I like to say

  • music is my only true salvation,
  • it will all be better in the morning,
  • get r done!
  • dont jugde what you cant under stand,
  • be yourself today,and you wont have to lie tommrow,
  • This is not goodbye...this is only farwell
  • hahah SHUT UP
  • I would rather be hated for who I am ,then loved for what Im not

Music is my only true salvation