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"Just Me" Poetry


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This page is all my love poems and poems on relationships...
alot of them are based on me and my experiences ,

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Please Stay

You can stray,
You can run that way,
But hey,
I just want to say,

Please stay.

You can love some one else,
You can tell me to go get some help,
But hey,
I just want to say,

Please stay.

You can take your love back,
You can say it wouldn’t last,
But hey,
I just want to say,

Please stay.

You can worry about what’s to come,
You can say we don’t have the right love,
But hey,
I just want to say,

Please stay.

You can say those nights weren’t real,
That this love is nothing more then sex appeal,
But hey,
I just want to say,

Please stay,

I know our fate is grim,
And for our love to last is slim,
But hey,

Remember when we had our first blow out,
And I said “I want out”
You said to me,

“You can leave,
When we disagree,
You can yell and scream,
And Ill be fine when you leave,

But hey,
I just want to say,
Please stay.

My Wish,My Dream

To Joel

I got my wish,
My dream,
Babe you are my everything,

I have wandered around,
So many sleepless nights,
And now babe,
I can finally say goodnight,

I used to drift day to day,
Wishing I could end my pain,
But now, all I want is your grace,
And to see your smiling face.

You make me laugh,
You make me cry,
You’re always there in the back of my mind,
I used to deny that I was unhappy with my life,
But now I see, that it was a lie,

We often speak,
Of who we thought we would meet,
Never did we believe,
That we would get our dream,

Life gets crazy,
And things get out of hand,
We often wonder if we can make it through again,

But we always mange to talk at the end of each day,
Some how we know,
Its all gonna be ok,

I was watching you sleep last night,
I saw you dream about what you wanted in life,
And I just hoped I was in your dream that time,
Because I know I want you around for the rest of my life,

And then I realized….
After all this time
I got my wish my dream,
I finally have my everything

Author's Comments:
"I love you hun"
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First Love Poem

To our loved ones

When I look into your eyes,
All I see is the light,
When I look into the light,
I feel the love that’s between us tonight.

When you read into my love,
I know the words came from above,
Jesus made you just for me,
For when I'm with you I don’t long to bleed,
Jesus made me just for you,
And I know you know these words are true,
Jesus made our destines,
Now we no longer have to seek,
"Cuz Jesus brought you straight to me.

For I know are love will never end,
Our love is perfect and free from sin,
Unlike all the other I have been with,
I love you more than I loved them.

Author's Comments:
"I have never written a love my friend Doug help me write this one....let me know what you think"

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All We Can Take

You yell,
You scream,
You bitch,
You moan,
You’re always there when I’ve done something wrong,

You lie,
You cry,
You whine,
You die,
You always seem to want to fight,

You love,
You hate,
You are my mistake,
You break,
You fake,
And you’re all I can take

You’re there,
You care,
You wouldn’t dare,
I love the way you say “I’ll be there”

You call,
You let me fall,
You never care at all.
I have my own flaws

I cry,
I lie,
I whine,
I act like I want to die,

I yell,
I scream,
I bitch,
I moan,
I’m always there when you’ve done something wrong

I love,
I hate,
I’m your mistake,
And I’m sure I’m all you can take.
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With Out You


What would I do,
If I was with out you,
I act like I would be fine,
Though I know I would want to die.

What would I do,
If you didn’t call me at night,
And I know I would think,
Something isn’t right

What would I do,
If I hadn’t met you,
This I say is true,
I live a lot of my days because of you,

What would I do,
If you left this way,
No I couldn’t fake
I know for a fact I couldn’t last a day

What would I do,
If your love wasn’t true,
For I know life is so crude.
And I know I am in fact In love with you

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By My Side

I hung up the phone,
After we had spoke,
I felt slightly broke,
Because I felt so alone,

You were in a hurry
Which made me kind of worried,
But it will be better in the morning,
Some how I know you’ll always be there for me

Will we make it?
Or will we break it?
Should I fake it?
Or go on with my life.

Hopefully with you by my side.
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Just me with you

I am just me,
And you’re just you,
Should I be with who?

I am just weak,
And you are asleep,
I am you,
And you are whom?

I am just me,
And I’m hopefully what you seek,
You are nothing like my dreams,
But you’re exactly what I need.

You’re not him,
And I’m not her,
And we’re miles away from what we deserve,

And tonight its just me with you,
We have nothing to prove,
But you know what we should do,
Is this so wrong to you?

So its just me,
And its just you,
And I’m just me,
Drowning with you,

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Never Goodbye

"you know who you are"

If you love me, take me away,
Help me find my way,
You say you love me,
But not to my face,
You know we talk insane,
But hey,
Take me away,
Help me find my way.

If you love me, show me my mistakes,
Tell me when I am about to break,
You tell me this is fate,
Though not to my face,
So if it’s true,
Let me do what I need to do,
Even if it’s not with you.

If you love me, help me grow,
Tell me when my problems are getting old,
You tell me I need to leave and let go,
But only when I’m not home,
But you know I can never say no,
Some times I guess it’s the way it goes
You know I’m a messed up soul.

If you love me, tell me when I’m wrong,
Tell me I need to be strong,
Tell me I have to hold on,
You say “I hate to say goodnight”
But hun this isn’t goodbye,
It will never be the last time.

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Every Time

To my man

Every time you drive away,
There’s always something I didn’t say,
Every time you hang up the phone,
I hate the fact I am all alone.

Any time we fight,
And you say this is our last night,
All I can do is cry,
Because I hate the fact of you saying goodbye,

Of all the times I lay awake,
Wondering if loving you was my worst mistake,
Then I shake my head,
And let a smile in.
Because everything else makes up for it……….

Every time you knock on my door,
It’s the best surprise for sure,
Every time I answer the phone,
I find myself forgetting the rest of the world,

Any time I feel like giving up,
You tell me to suck it up…
Oh you really know how to make things work,

And all the times we have laid awake,
Makes up for every heart ache…….
Babe if this love is a fake,
I always will know you were my best mistake


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Compared To Him

Today I was heading onto town,
And thoughts of you just came about,
Then I smiled,
Like I didn’t care,
Because I have moved on from your selfish affairs.

I’m now at peace with what you did,
No, I no longer care how you been,
Your nothing compared to him.

Would you believe?
That I had faith in you and me,
Oh silly me,
You weren’t anything,
Thank God I finally see,
That there’s so much more to be.

You looked right though me,
Like I wasn’t there,
No I don’t think you ever cared.

I should have listened to the little voice in my head,
It was telling me things that you never did,
I thought I loved you,
But now I down right hate you.

I just couldn’t take the life we lived
So I packed my thoughts,
And then I was gone.

After that my life fell apart,
When I wasn’t thinking of you,
It felt truly wrong.

Then I went numb,
All my heart swollen up,
And then all of a sudden it was gone.

Till the day he walked in that store,
He smiled at me for sure,
And at that moment,
I knew it was going to be ok,
Though I never knew,
He would be so true,
Oh he’s so much better then the sorry likes of you.

Though it would be like a sin,
For me to compare you to him,
And now I know what love is.

Thank God you and me fell apart,
Because what I have now,
Is like dancing on a cloud.

Hope you’re happy,
With what you become,
And I hope you drown in self pity,
Because it’s truly what you are.

And I always found it hard,
To end a letter without screaming out loud,
So I’ll say these words with a shout,
And then I’ll end this poem with a more matured heart...

“Thank God your no longer brining me down”

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You and me

If I knew you more,
I would leave behind all the unopened doors,

If I knew you more,
I could tell you all the things that make me whole,
Oh all the things that make me cold.

Oh if I knew you more,
You could finally see,
That part of me that I can never be.

If I knew you more,
My mind would be at ease,
My heart at peace,
But I’ll never be any of these,
Because my soul is weary,
Such a ruthless thing he did to me.

And if you knew me more,
I could tell you all of this,
Though I’ll never let you get to close to this mess.

What if it’s too late?
And you already are inside,
I guess there’s no turning back time.

Maybe you don’t mind,
Or maybe you’re getting tired of hearing me cry,
Though all I want is some truth you see,
I want nothing more then just to be…….
You and me,
Nothing else in between

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Dont Need

To the hand I hold

I don’t need,
Big and power full words,
To make this poem famous,

I don’t need,
The perfect place,
Or the right time,
To feel inspiration.

I don’t need a long vacation,
To rid my worried soul,
I don’t need a card and a dozen roses to feel loved or whole

All I need,
Is a hand to hold.

To grip when I’m nerves,
To feel when I anxious,
To pull me up when I’m ready to fall,
I just need it to be there all in all.

I just need to know,
That some one cares,
And has taken the time,
To believe in my life,
Is that so wrong?

No I don’t think so,
Because I know we all wish for it,
At one point in this world,
So please don’t say I’m dependent on him,
To get me though all these rough roads ahead,
Because really I can do it on my own,
It’s just nice to know he’s by my side,
To make sure I’m alright….
Isn’t that nice?

Author's Comments:
"Once again my man gave me some inspiration to write..hope you guys like
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If You Do If You Don't

To my relationship

I might have these feelings,
But if you don’t,
I’m just kidding.

If we’re going no where,
Then some one should let me know,
If we’re getting close,
Then its best I let you go.

If you don’t care,
Then just leave,
If you plan on sticking around,
There are some things I should let you know,

I’m a little broken,
The best parts of me have been taken,
I don’t know where to find them,
I think he misplaced them.

Though sense I found you,
I’ve been trying to change,
No luck yet,
I’m still not good enough for your soul.

With that,
I’m feeling naked,
With my heart unprotected,
Please if you plan on going anywhere,
Make sure you send it back.

Don’t want to be mistreated,
I have the right for my freedom.

So if you’re looking for just some action,
Go find a fast attraction.
If you’re looking for a wife,
Then I might be wasting your time,
I could never be something I’m clearly not.

If you care,
Someday let me know,
If you hate my reasons,
It would be you and everyone else.

Would you be willing to be patient?
With this message,
Because I forgot what the point is,
Are you listening?
Or am I forgetting,
That you have somewhere to go.

And if you don’t……
Clearly I guess I have your heart as well,
Or at least some day will…..

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Thirteen Roses

To my first set of roses...

Never had a rose,
Threw out my whole life,
I was never good enough,
For one of them “so called men” to care or take the time.

Then with just one night,
This had changed,
Thirteen roses,
Brought to show me,
He was A man with some integrity

For once I felt worthy,
To be called “A lady”
Just like that he didn’t mind,
I was worth something more then a dime.

And with one weekend,
Thirteen mistakes made,
Still he called to say,
“Babe I’m not angry”
Now go and enjoy your day.

Now I sit and think,
About my life,
How I shouldn’t be allowed to show my face to him in the light,

Why he gave me,
Those thirteen roses,
Will remain a mystery,
Threw out my history,
I’ll think about it all night tonight.

If I ever get,
Another thirteen roses,
From him or any man,
I won’t forget,
How it felt,
To get something so simple,
And its effects all the way around,

And how I’m thankful to call him “my man”.
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Nonexistent Man

To my dreams

You make the time pass,
With such sweet bliss,
Some how you make everything alright.

You’re the smile on my face when I sleep at night,
You’re the reason I have gotten this far.

You keep me fighting,
While other have failed,
Your faithfulness,
Makes me stand my ground.

Your sweet loving and kind,
You’ve let me call you when my dreams don’t turn out right.

Because of you is why I wake,
That’s all there really is to say.

But the only thing is….
I don’t know who you are.

I’ve never seen your face,
Hell I don’t even know your name!
You might not even exist,
But I have to wish for all of this,
Other wise I have nothing to keep me holding on,
You’re my nonexistent man.
(just fo rthe record ,
I wrote this before I met joel....hehe)
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Run And Hide

Im in,
Your out,
And we’re all around,

You say,
I run that way,
And it’s not ok,

You leave,
I bleed,
Do you see?

It’s in my mind,
And you just deny
So I guess we choose to run and hide

I die,
You never cry,
And Im always left wondering why

I love,
You run,
And there’s some one watching above

You sleep,
I lay awake,
I just wish you would stay

You run,
And I hide,
And we both choose to deny
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This Man

To Joel

I know this man,
He’s one of a kind,
Some times he’s bitter,
And then so sweet,
I don’t know quite how to take him yet,
He’s such a distant man.

I’ve dreamed of these men,
That always holds my hand,
Fall head over heels for me,
And love to hug me.
He’s nothing of this kind,
I’m not even quite sure if he even likes me,
Even though he tells me all the time.

This man,
He gets so angry
He tells me,
“Don’t try to change me”
So I promise him I never will,
Though if I could show him,
It’s not worth it,
Maybe he would relax,
And forgive the forgotten,
Take life a little bit sweeter,
Instead of feeling bitter.

I know he cares about the life he’s in,
But he’s afraid to show the feelings with in,

This man,
He’s such a funny story,
He’s learned a lot,
From the mistakes
Of the others,
He’s so smart,
Yet he’s with me,
Some days it really bothers me.

This man,
I some day wish never to understand,
Because that’s what I like best,
He’s such a mystery.

This man,
I know nothing,
But I know I like him,
Someday I hope to return the feeling,
Of waking up with a smile,
Waiting for a phone call,
That I can always laugh about.

So to this man,
Thanks for sharing,
All your angry feelings,
I love to be there,
When you say “I’m tired”
So till I see him again,
I’ll think of what he says to me when no one is around,
“How did you get so pretty?”
It makes me blush just to think about it,

Someday he hopes to love me,
But that’s not what this rhymes about…..
Now I have to go,
There’s a voice on the other line right now…
Form the one and only,
This man….
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Him And Her

To anyone who never told that "someone" how they really felt

If she loved him,
As much as he loved her,
Would that be saying something?
Or actually nothing at all.

If she was scared,
And he didn’t care,
Should she back away?
Or be with him anyway?

If she was broke,
And he was just cold,
Could they become something?
Or an old story ready to burn?

If they didn’t know something,
And some one did,
Should that some one let them know?
Or just play along.

If she was weak,
And he was strong,
Does that mean they could with stand for very long?

How long would be the question,
Of what was meant to be.

Would these tattered souls,
Fight for more,
Or would they move on,
Knowing it’s for the best all in all.

What if she had regrets?
And he left not knowing this,
Should she, did she, ever tell him,

She didn’t think he would care,
So as she drinks her last glass of wine,
He’s getting ready to say his final goodbyes.

For once they had the samething in mind…

A diffrent kind of fate

you know who you are...

Time and space,
Maybe in a different place,
I could see you face to face,
Then we could live out our fate.

But till then I’ll have to hide,
For our feeling we must fight,
For sure the nights we spent will remain,
I will always remember your last name.








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