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"Just Me" Poetry

My Lyrics

Go to fullsize imageIalso write lyrics,
I dont play any kind of music,sadly..I never had a chance to learn,
but I hopefully one day will have tunes to my enjoy the read for now

Who We've Become

You’ve been gone awhile now,
And I have thrown all your pictures away,
What you are and who you have become,
“I Don’t care” I can finally say

I’ve done a lot sense you’ve been gone,
But it only numbs the pain,
I used to think that you would come back,
But I realized you weren’t worth the wait,
Funny how life turns out,
And how you walked away,
Leaving me nothing but sorrow and decay.
And now Im on my merry little way.

And no matter how much I lie,
I still have dreams of you with me at night,
Too bad all you love was a lie,
I guess now Im happy you said goodbye
And no matter what I say,
Deep down I know Im better off this way……


Kind Of Empty

Sitting here now with my empty thoughts,
All alone in this deserted house,
But this isn’t something strange,
It always all the same,

I used to stay up writing,
So I could tell the world our history,
Though there isn’t much to say,
We were kind of dead, kind of mad and kind of empty
Let me write that down,

Because you didn’t care, I did but I don’t want to any more
I came to the conclusion that we couldn’t have ever made it
Because you were always just to busy,
While I was always drowning
I don’t think we were ever happy,

Or maybe our love was just to dam empty,
What did I say before?
Oh kind of dead kind of mad and kind of empty

Seems like all we did was fight,
And believe I really did try,
You can say it’s my fault this time,
Because really I don’t give a dim

For once I’m just move on with my life,
This is my good bye




Time Has Stopped

I lay here now just staring at the clock that has stopped
The sun hasn’t set in ages, or at least sense watched it last,
I guess deep down I knew you never really cared.

And ever sense you walked out,
Time has stopped in here
All I do is stare at pictures of you with nothing else better to do,
While I’m running at out years out there,


And as time goes on in the realistic world,
It has stopped in here,
Because I don’t want to watch another minute pass by
With out you here by my side,
Though I really wouldn’t blame you,
If I never saw your face,
Because has far as I can see,
The world thinks I am a disgrace,
And as time goes on in the realistic world,
Here I stay waiting for you to come home

I’m living in the past, but not that far back,
All I do is waste my mind on you,
But there’s nothing else really to do,
And in here I have too much time,
As I’m running out of years out there.


Now I realize it’s too late,
I’m withered away,
And you’re never coming back,
Oh I can never let any one back in
And I can never leave


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