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This page is all my favorite everything to poetry, music,jokes pictures
of mine or friends or anything I find haha


A Special Special Friend

Between two friends

We had our troubles growing up,
We have our troubles as our age goes up.

For some strange reason fate has come,
And now I have that special some one.

I may have desires I can not touch,
But know my heart is with you very much.

I make this promise to you now,
That you and I will never fade.

When you find that some one “Dear”,
Know that I will still be here.

Because we are “Special Friends”
To the very end.

Author's Comments:
"I did not write this poem but I did post
 it for someone who means alot to me....I hope you guys like it"

My human nature screams to me,
My fleshly prison yearns for thee,
Bound by the words that fell like rain,
My love and pain shall be the same.

Life hath dealt me a twist of fate,
You now appear three years too late,
To risk it all would be insane,
My love and pain shall be the same.

Too far away in every way,
There's nothing more that I can say,
I truely wish that I could stay,
My love and pain shall be the same.

This is my best friend "doug"
He has helped me though alot during the time we have known eacher other..And this is one of many favs from his great work
One night.....

You know my secrets,
you've heard my cries.
Someday we'll look,
into one anothers eyes.

So much compassion,
you do possess.
I want for you someday,
to recieve deserved rest.

Your mind it is deep,
darkening blue,
but all my luv
will be given too you.

Comfort and care,
what you gave to me,
when no one else knew,
a pain they can't see.

why do you listen,
what does it mean?
you bathe me in love,
when i feel unclean.

From the bottom of my heart,
I say thank-you.
Just remember,
I always speak true.
writen by panda420
this is My inspration right here^
this guy has true heart in ALL of his work
I know I say this alot but hes like the best poet around..atleast to me....:)

When into the glass flash,
A bold, brash and sorrow glance do stir.
Within a slant chance, do cautiously advance to her,
Recants your clamour? Enamored, maybe, or
For augmented merit dare you snare it?
Simple, sweet, and subtly discreet do one to one's
Another meet. 'Tis safer and may some day
Pave way for something yet concrete. So wing
The wafer-thin outcome! When doubt in self reverses
Your spirit's wealth, fear not mere missed kisses,
Yearning wishes, or envisioned loss. Time and
Folly rhyme do overgloss this, and keep, embossed.
Your soul is never, in love, at loss.

by Da3Mon
this is one gifted hard on what he does
and you see the turn out...smiles

Still, You Stay and Fade Away

Fading mists corrode my heart,
Anger rips it all apart,
I slip into isolation mode,
As I watch myself self-implode.

Guilty pleasure's all I am,
Uncertainty of another man,
Still, you stay and fade away,
And sleep away another day.


 It's just me

The temper, the yelling, the screaming, and more.
The way that I feel has been changed, that's for sure.

I used to bow down, I used to agree, but no
longer will I let you rule over me.

My home was my own, and so was my heart,
but you tore them down right from the start.

The tears that I cry shall be wiped away,
and tomorrow I know will begin a new day.

Whether you're here, or whether you're gone,
my life will soon change, it will become my own.

The apologies are lies, you'll never change,
for only a real man can see the error of his ways.

So as of tonight, as you can see,
there is no more us there is only ME.

This is girl has been through sooo much yet she still holds on,and her writting is an inspiration to us all


This Life is Too Short

One thing that happens
at sixty below zero
with nothing to warm you
and no one to care
is you start to realize
that you’re on your own,
tomorrow may not come
you may freeze in your sleep
so make today the best day
that you possibly can.

Tell all that you love them
to keep your soul warm,
do a kind deed
to keep your body warm,
and always smile,
it goes a long way
and all of the above
can brighten your day
this life is too short
to just hate it away.

by mwrigas
I found this poem while I was reviewing a friend..I thought it was really good
I loved the emotion..and this actully did happen to him!!
CHILD ABUSE-Tyggress77's Challenge

This one's for the kids.

Children are the future,so why do people use them?
Hidden is the pain that most of these kids hold inside,
I think it's time to punish those that abuse them,
Let's all pull together so they don't have to hide,
Don't you see they NEED our help,there's no excuse to refuse them,

Always saying you don't know what you could do,
Because you don't wish to be in the spotlight,
Understand,it IS our job to stop these people too,
Standing around doing nothing is NOT right,
Everybody can help,and that includes YOU.

by Jeff85
I thought this poem was very powerfull^^

Music is my only true salvation