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break up poetry......
yeah I know what you're thinking

I just want to say before you go and read this,
alot of these poems are Not about me,
for some reason I just have a large range of it,

Did You?

Did you see?
What this has done to me,
Did you see?
What no one can believe,

Can’t you feel?
All the love I have fallen for
Cant you feel?
All the heart aches I have come to ignore

How come you let me go?
And let me die right there on the floor,
How come you didn’t love?
When I gave you everything but the stars up above,

Why wont your ghosts go away?
They never seem to want to fade,
Why does my soul not mend,
Just like all the other men.

Is this all that’s left?
Sense you have left this mess,
Is this all I will ever know?
Guess I will always want more
Hollow Love

To a guy I used to date that had feelings for some one else

What do you see?
When you look at me,
Where do you go?
When no ones home?

When I look at you,
I see right through
When you don’t answer the phone,
I know you’re not the only one home.

I just wish I could hear you think,
When we lay down to go to sleep,
Who are you dreaming about?
When you go sleeping around.

I know I’m loosing you more every day,
And yet here I stay,
I just sit and listen to you breathe,
When you start to put your love in me.

Oh what else can I do?
Besides watch you do what you do?
You’re killing me a little more every day,
And there’s nothing else I can say.

I know I need to walk away,
But God, your love takes my breath away,
Hear me say “Dam what a shame”
Your love is pure hollow pain

A Fear

This never happed though there was a fear

I sit down on the floor,
The night was long for sure,
I’m tired but I can’t sleep,
I feel his words haunt me,

“I’m sorry but this cant be”
I feel my heart ripping out of me,
My soul is falling fast,
By the way he says,
“This will never last”
Oh I thought we were on the right track,
But I guess I was stupid to believe,
All the words he sold me.

In tears I have been all day,
Worried about the things I’ll never say,
I wish this was a dream,
And I’d wake up with him in front of me.

Oh what did I do?
For him to say these things,
Oh does any one love me?
Can’t believe I’m alone again,
Some how I know I have committed a sin.
For me screwing up things with him.

Guess I wasn’t deserving of his last name,
Can’t believe things had to end this way,
I loved him more then words can say.
Watch me fade away.

Wish I could just turn back time,
With him to be only by my side,
Oh I wish I would not cry,
It only makes this harder to type.

He’s gone now,
I’ll never hear his voice,
I’ll never have the chance to tell him what he’s worth.

I’ll move on,
That’s a fact,
But I just wish I could have him back,
Never knew any one
Who wanted me to be there only one.

I’m shaking,
I’m breaking,
What has he done?
This is all my fault,
I should have known,
Not to let him get in my soul,
And now it’s gone for sure,
I feel like I am no more,
In this messed up world.

Can I get over this?
Now I’m not so sure

Me and you always had our fights,
And seems like no matter how hard I tried,
You just wanted to say goodbye.
Now I wish we wouldn’t have ever said hi

And here we go again,
I’m begging for your forgiveness again
But now I’m going to stand tall,
I will no longer take the fall.

If this is how you want to be,
I guess it’s the end of you and me,
I know you didn’t want to try,
And now I guess I’m waving goodbye,

Goodbye to what we never had,
Goodbye to all the moments that made me sad,
I’m packing my bags,
And then I’ll be gone,
So goodbye to all the things I did wrong.

Goodbye to all our sad songs,
Goodbye to all our happy thoughts,
Goodbye I’ll take the loss,
For you are not my boss.

Goodbye to you,
Goodbye to me,
For you and me,
We will never be

You didn’t even want to try,
And now I will say goodbye,
You always wanted to leave,
Now you have your wish I see,

Go Away Go Away

You left with out a goodbye,
You made me feel like I wanted to die,

Why didn’t you just leave me alone,
I was just fine with being broke,

Now I must go on with a tattered soul,
You left me with nothing more

I got up this morning to just cut my wrist,
Guess I got nothing better to do…yeah…that’s why I did it

Some times I wonder if I will ever love again,
I guess maybe my soul will never mend

Could you just make it all go away
So I can pick up my remains.

Maybe its better this way,
I don’t have anything else to say……except
Go away go away…..
leave me with just my fate
Under Ground

The night is coming,
And yet the day is just beginning,
I sit outside just pondering your breathing.

Every one is so warn down,
And Im first to let it all out,
Some times you just can’t make it work out.

I watched you pack your things,
And at that point I just couldn’t believe,
I care about you more it seems,

You left without a kiss,
And I was blown away from this,
I knew I shouldn’t have taken the risk,

Now I sit down and lounge,
For you and I will never be drowned,
To bad I cant be found…..

My body is under ground,
 Didnt Know It would Hurt so Bad

The alcohol,
And the mind games and all,
Brings out the pain,
That he sent my way.

The bitter lies,
And the compromise
Blinded my eyes,
And I couldn’t see through his wicked lies.

His sweet face,
And this terrible fate,
Shows me the life,
That I must take,

didn’t know I could hate,
This thing we call fate,
But I guess now I know,
That life has taken my soul



It's Over

Its over,
I state in my head,

Its over,
I say over and over again,

Its over,
You and me,

Its over,
I just cant believe,

Its over,
What have we done?

Its over
What will you become?

Its over,
After all this time,

Its over,
Yes, for you and I
If he only knew

to the poeple who have been though this

He saw things that no one should have seen,
He was told things that he wishes he never heard,
He was such a bitter sweet tragedy.

I watched it all go down.

Every one saw his smile,
they just assumed that it was all ok,
I guess they didn’t see his soul was missing,
He gave it to her.

I watched it all go down.

He loved more then anyone around,
But he made sure she never saw his face
She never even knew he existed at all,
Till one sad day.

I watched it all go down.

He smiled and looked deep in her eyes,
But then that player whisked her away,
It meant the world to him but she just laugh behind his back.

I watched it all go down.

What could he do,
He made himself stronger body and mind,
He made his brown hair blonde,
He barred the pain farther down.

I watched it all go down.

No matter what he did,
This player stole her away,
He often wonder if she ever thought of him too,
She forgot all about him,
If he only knew.

The final vows were said,
till death do you part was said
they were wed.
it killed him inside.

He sat there all alone,
nothing was said,
probably because he was numb with pain,

I watched it all go down.

He never got over her,
Not one detail was left unread.

I watched it all go down.

I was so sad when he started drinking and withering away,
I now ask why I didn’t say anything,
But that’s right he didn’t even know my name,
His eyes only saw her,
And I only saw his.
That stupid bitch didn’t see what she missed.

I just wished he could have loved me,
But he never even saw me ,
He died yesterday,
I didn’t even get to say hi,
Now I sit here wondering how to say goodbye
to a man I loved so dearly inside. he was so blind
and so was I.


Some Times

you know who you are....even though you'll never read this

Some times we stand to strong,
Some times we give up way to soon,
Some times we get back on our feet ,
Some times we commit suicide,
And sometimes its best we say goodbye.

Does anyone see but me?
I did my best with what I had,
But I guess some times that just wont due,
I now realize I was never good enough for you.

My advice to the world is just to carry on,
Don’t worry about what we may some times never know.

Some times we were right and some times we weren’t ,
Some times I was sorry,
Then again I never was.
Some times its hard to do what’s right .
And some times its best we say goodnight for now.

Yes I do still think of you ,
It keeps me up at night a lot,
I drink every now and then to forget about it,
Some times I just want to give up,
But as you can see im still very much around.

Some times I wonder,
Some times I pray,
That your doing great and better then me,
Because some times things just work out this way.

Author's Comments:
"at first i wrote this as a song,,,but i changed a few things around and made it rhyme lol"

Compared To Him

Today I was heading onto town,
And thoughts of you just came about,
Then I smiled,
Like I didn’t care,
Because I have moved on from your selfish affairs.

I’m now at peace with what you did,
No, I no longer care how you been,
Your nothing compared to him.

Would you believe?
That I had faith in you and me,
Oh silly me,
You weren’t anything,
Thank God I finally see,
That there’s so much more to be.

You looked right though me,
Like I wasn’t there,
No I don’t think you ever cared.

I should have listened to the little voice in my head,
It was telling me things that you never did,
I thought I loved you,
But now I down right hate you.

I just couldn’t take the life we lived
So I packed my thoughts,
And then I was gone.

After that my life fell apart,
When I wasn’t thinking of you,
It felt truly wrong.

Then I went numb,
All my heart swollen up,
And then all of a sudden it was gone.

Till the day he walked in that store,
He smiled at me for sure,
And at that moment,
I knew it was going to be ok,
Though I never knew,
He would be so true,
Oh he’s so much better then the sorry likes of you.

Though it would be like a sin,
For me to compare you to him,
And now I know what love is.

Thank God you and me fell apart,
Because what I have now,
Is like dancing on a cloud.

Hope you’re happy,
With what you become,
And I hope you drown in self pity,
Because it’s truly what you are.

And I always found it hard,
To end a letter without screaming out loud,
So I’ll say these words with a shout,
And then I’ll end this poem with a more matured heart...

“Thank God your no longer brining me down”

Think Of Me

When you’re alone,
When you feel low,
When your heart has been broke,

Think of me,
And how it used to be.

When she leaves you for another man,
When she sells you out from behind,
When she hangs up on you and your cries,
When all you can do is ask why,

Think of me,
And how it used to be.

When your about to fall apart,
When you wake up all alone in your deserted house,
When you have another sleepless night,
When you feel like there’s no reason to fight,

Think of me,
And how it used to be.

Think about how I was always there,
How I always cared,
How I was there the whole time to hold your hand,
Think of how I wasn’t perfect,
And you saying “you’re worthless”,
Think of how I never left your side,
Even with all your lies.

How I stuck around,
When the rest of the world came down,
How always stood by you,
Even when I didn’t want to.

Think of what you did,
How you were proud of it,
Think of how you left,
Throwing my heart out,

Remember what I said,
You’ll be back again.

So if you’re thinking of coming around,
Remember I’m not your slave any more,
How I’m not going to let you in,
When you start to beg,
If you plan on telling me you’re sorry,
I just hope you remember this,
How I said I don’t care one bit,
How I’ll make you leave,
Throwing you out in the street,
And before I slam the door,
I’ll say………

"sorry " the same way you did to me
To the fake man i once dated

In the process of trying to be myself,
I turned out to be somebody else,

In the time I spent doing everything for him,
I could have been something great,
What a mistake.

In a space full of life ,
Is now just an empty place,
All my dreams packed their bags too find a new place.

And now I ask,
Is there nothing left?
I want to die.

Is this what it feels like to fly?
I see my body on the ground,
It looks so peacefull ,
sitting there on my bed.
Then I awake,
it was just a dream,
It must have been the only one left in me.

So now it's just me tonight in the middle of this empty street,
How can I explain this feeling,
Maybe I shouldn’t,
It would take up too much time.

do you want to hear a story?

I was just a girl when he blew me away,
I thought he could show me another way,
Turned out he was a fake.
Then like a thief he stole all of the inside of me,
Like a knife he stabed me in my back,
And left me there in pain.

Just like that.

At first I couldn’t get up in the morning,
Or sleep through the night,
Thank God ,
Things have changed.
I haven’t gotten over what he has done,
But I have moved on.

But there is a problem,
I am nothing,
All he left me was this line.

“nothing ill do will compare to me and you”
What a load of shit,
He didn’t even care one bit.
All he wanted was a small sweet fling,
Then walk away with out a scar,
For me its just never that easy.

Don’t ask why im writing this,
your going to say "he’s not worth it".
But I need to get this off my chest,

Oh whats his face was a lying piece of shit!!
Seems to be I can't recall the name.
Though I'll always remember that he was the man that condemned me this way.

I don't want to let him.

I feel im loosing this never ending battle,
Guess I feel like I can't win something I can't see,
I’m in this all by myself no one can help but me.

This was just something I had to do.
So I can rid of the damage he’s caused.
I’m sick of living a lie,
I want to move on .

Draging Me Down

Life is what you make of it
It's not that hard so stop your throwing a fit
Just go ahead and live it
And no matter what never quit,
But what you are is what you get
Act like it and you'll get shit,
Some how I know you'll make it through this

I won’t let you drag me down,
So get up and off the ground
Don't complain nor make a sound,
With you I will be no longer bound
You are lost and can't be found,
Goodbye for now, I’ll see you around...
You can go to hell and drown

After all this time I see through the lies
Through your deceit and shift eyes,
This is over I can’t deny,
Don't even try to ask me why,
You know deep down inside
Like a scared little boy who is trying to hide

Author's Comments:
"me and my friend wrote this together"






Music is my only true salvation