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Here's what I think...

Why does every Christan feel as though...if you dont go to church ..your not a person of God..This to me is a type of bullshit....going to church doesnt mean a thing.......what matters is who you are and how you live,
There are poeple who go to church and have raped children....
Then there are some poeple who have never steped in a church ...
And there some of the best poeple I know.
I am  Christian,
I love God,
I don't go to church,
I used to every sunday...but my heart was never in it,
I went threw the motion and bowed my head,
Thngs have changed and I found God,but it was in my own way,
Im not saying church is bad,what im saying that your not bad if you dont go,
Click to see a full pictupreAnd you latley I've been pondering some crazy thoughts about alot of things..
and you know..deep down I'm more of a spirital person,
I think Christains judge to much..
no one is ever good enough to be their "friends"
if you dont believe how they do..
well then your going to hell...
although...who doesnt remember sunday school when our teacher told us,
to love one loving to every one... dont judge others..all that shit..but really their the worst of all..
kinda  double faced our we???
I believe that deep down no matter what..
we all know whats right and whats wrong...
we know that stealing is bad,
we know that helping a little old lady across the road is good..
(and all the other stuff in betwen..
live the best way you know how...
live happy...
and Im sure that what ever is out there...
wont mind one bit
Im also very sorry if this is harsh to some points..
I know for a fact that not all people are alike and that we cant put them all in the same catigory and judge them on who they are...
there are alot of diffrent things out there..
what ever we believe in..
stand know deep down if its right or wrong....

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions?
I'd love to hear from you.
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Music is my only true salvation