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Woke Up Walking
To no one

I woke up walking,
And to find my self talking,
The pain I didn’t feel was a shock
I felt like something you would mock.

I was lost,
And feeling the price of the cost,
Some one once told of this cursed
But I didn’t know it would hurt.

I am haunted by loves hollow heart,
By words some one stole from some one else’s thought
I just wish I could find a way out,
But no one will ever know what this is about.

Wish I was still asleep,
In there I was at peace,
But now I am walking on,
And I can no longer stop,

I feel the hate of winter’s wrath,
The snow feels like broken glass,
But yet I keep moving on,
Hoping some day I will see dawn,

In blood I stay in all day,
For some reason I think it keeps me safe,
Thoughts of you come into my mind,
Now I know I will not survive,

I see the sky and the moon,
For some dam reason it reminds me of you,
Too bad you went away,
And I went to sleep it all astray,

All was fine till the other day,
I woke up walking,
And to find myself talking,
To you

Author's Comments:
"This poem really isnt about anything, I got the inspiration from joel who was telling a story of how he woke up walking....I personally loved the line and wanted it to be a poem ..hope you guys like it
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A Ghost

Have you ever made love to a ghost?
Was she already gone when you had woke?
Did she leave you feeling broke?
Did her words go through you when she spoke?
Why didn’t she leave a note?

Had she walked in you’re life?
And then disappeared,
I bet you didn’t know what to feel,

Was her heart made of stone?
Did she act like she was always cold?

When she came in the room,
What did you do?
Did she make you feel like a fool?

When she made love to you,
Did she look away?
Did she make you feel closer to your fate?

When you held her close,
And she just chose to cry,
Did it make you wonder why she died?

The love you shared can’t just be said,
And all things must come to an end,
“Just like my life” she always said

Author's Comments:
"just trying to write something diiferent...."
Already Gone

There are tales in this town,
Of a girl that lives down south,
For she never makes a sound,
All the rumors run about

I hear them time and time again

She couldn’t handle what he did,
Her life depended on him,
No matter what anyone said,
They could never get in,

For the rest of her life she tried to live,
But had failed to ever love again,
To look at any one else must have felt like a sin,
Because she had never loved again.

What he did must have broke her heart,
Oh it tore her world apart,
Because now she can no longer move on,
Oh it’s a wonder why she isn’t already gone.

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Writers Block

To writers block

I have writers block,
And don’t say it,
Because I know it sucks,

And if you plan on asking,
Don’t even bother trying,
Because I don’t feel like whining,
Just try and finish this rhyme

I just have all these feeling on my mind,
And yes I know I’m going to be fine,
But I just wish I could state,

Well that’s one feeling you can’t mistake… :/

I just wish I could write one good rhyme,
And if it was about him,
That would be fine,
And if I ever get over this writer block…
I"d tell every one “sorry guys ,but I have posted one up” ……

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Used To Be

I used to walk with you along the beach,
This would be the place we always used to meet
But now my memory starts to fade,
For I know longer recall your name.

You used to tell me things,
That made my soul at peace,
Anytime of day,
I counted on you to make me stay.
But now you’re gone,
You left me with just a song,
Now my heart is lost.

And I still remember all those nights,
When I felt alone inside,
All I would have to do,
Is look out my window,
And there would be you,

You used to sing that song to me,
Oh those words still haunt me so deep,
Oh you made me believe,
In something other then to bleed,
“If you love something,
Set it free,
And if it comes back it’s meant to be,
Oh babe just breathe,
I know I can help you find what you seek
Long has you always remember me.”
Everything was great,
Oh I used to see you everyday.
But then one day you were gone,
After that I knew I had to carry on.

Though I feel ashamed,
Because I can no longer recall your face,
Everything we did is now a blur
Soon all our love will be gone for sure.

So I write this in your grace,
I write this before it is too late,
I write this before I forget why you came.

Though why you left,
I will always question
And why don’t you come back is unanswered.


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Desolate Soul

A desolate soul,
Stood In the road,
In a dream I had one night.

It looked so lonely,
As it just stared at me,
Like it knew something,
That I didn’t find out yet.

The desolate soul,
Just stood in the road,
And watched me fall,
Right at its feet.

I reached out my hand,
For it to pick me up again,
But that desolate soul,
Just turned away,
Like I was a mistake.

The desolate soul,
Walk down the road,
Didn’t look back,
Just like that,
It was on its way to find a new path
Other then watching me collaps to my feet.

I often to this day,
Question if the dream was a fake,
I never did figure out what it was about.

Then just the other day,
I was sitting in a tree,
Just pondering the dream,
And realized that desolate soul was me.

Author's Comments:
"I know this poem is really strange but I got the insperation from a poet out of my literature book...Robert browning.. his work really only makes sense if you dont think about it to thats kinda how I wanted this poem to be...I tried something new..hope you like it.."
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A frustration with no motivation,
No grace with a lot of aggression,
Ganging up in my mind, thinking I have to let this out,
Easily set off with one word gone wrong,
Restless never stress less hear me say “I don’t need help”.

 my words describe.
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To past reviews

Make the changes,
Stick to the stanzas,
I don’t like the title,
Make sure the poem is worth my while,

Take out the ending,
I don’t agree with the meaning,
Show me something worth reading,
Seems like there’s no reasoning.

I don’t like your type of rhyming,
The words you used are misguiding
What’s the point of the title?
I hate the fact that it’s talking about a child.

Your poem is too demeaning,
You shouldn’t be so deceiving
I like a poem that’s more relieving
I would write something that’s more believing

Some words are misspelled,
At the end I was compelled,
I didn’t like how it felt,
This poem makes me want to crawl in a shell,

Your poem has too much hate,
I hate the term fate,
You need to have more faith,
You shouldn’t think this as a shame

I think you are a little crazy,
Your poem was very lazy,
Make sure you review my poem called “my lady”
Make sure you don’t give me a bad reviewing………………………..

I tell them don’t worry,
I’ll give you a good reasoning,
I’ll show you a poem with meaning,
Right after you give me a review worth reading

Author's Comments:
"After all is said and done, its just a review"



Alive senryu (my first)

To my frist senryu

I Wish I Could Fly

No Reason I Have To Die

I Am Now Alive
Not Trying At all

To my crazy weeks ahead and behind

Sunday morning rhymes,
Monday evening cries,
Tuesday I like to whine,
Wednesday I stay up and write,
Thursday I’m reckless,
Friday I’m cleaning
Saturday I’m bleeding,
After he falls asleep,
Then another Sunday comes along,
And I feel like I can’t hold on,
But then he calls,
To tell me he loves me
Some how all my worries
Are so far gone,
He takes care of me of me best,
When he doesn’t try at all

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Living To Die

To Metallica

To live is to die,
As we grow old in time,
The funny things we do to get by.

What’s your soul to do?
When your mind has left you?

Will you walk with a blank stare,
Look out into no where,
Feel like a disgrace in this dark desolate place.

Move on and just look ahead,
If you can’t be who you are …..
Why be here at all?

Author's Comments:
"I wrote this while listen to metallicas Cd, "And justic for all.." if you are a metallica will know the track was number 8.."To Live Is To Die" I Wrote it like in the time of the song.. you have have the cd..listen to the will feel the poem so much more"

I am just sitting here with an empty face
All alone in my empty place,
I’m empty with love
And I’m full of hate,
I’m just here,
With a lot of empty faith.

I’m lost with empty crime,
And a whole lot of empty lies,
I have way too many empty lines,
Full of too much sacrifice,

I’m a lot of empty shame,
With a so much blame,
I am so bitter with hate,
And hes such an empty mistake,

I’ve had a lot of empty thoughts,
And tons of people have me mocked,
I’m full of empty tears,
And too many empty years.

I cant even stand to think,
About all my empty dreams,
I cant even stand to think,
About his empty “goodbye” leave

And now I hope you have started to see,
A little piece of empty me
And now realize you’ve spent some empty time,
On reading this empty rhyme .
don’t ask me why……..
Bad Idea

I heard an echo in my head,
On Christmas mourning in my bed,
I just sat there trying to hear what it said,
Head pounding full of lead,

Our words to each other will never be said
No matter how many poems are wrote and read,
The words still are stuck in my head
And shall remain there when I'm dead

Author's Comments:
"This poem was written by me and a friend..I started the first line and we went from there...what do you think?..... and yes the title has nothing to do with it"

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~One More Time~

To all my sad rhymes.

I was told I write to deep,
And this poem is turning out really cheap.

I’m crying while I write this,
Can’t you see the tear stained pages?

I really want to write something cheerful,
Though I can’t seem to think of anything that rhymes with meaningful.

Crap I’m stuck in a rut,
Oh hell ,how about one more lost rhyme.

Here I go,
one more time.

Did I catch your eye?
Are you focused on just my on going sad rhymes
If your wondering,
I have no idea why.

REMEMBER….to add this to each of the following sentences.
To tell me what you think of this message,
To yell at me when its starts to get off track
I’m just a girl,
I often forget this.

All your problems for just one day,
The need to give up,
What its like to be lonely.

Like it will never hurt,
Like you could die if you held it in much more,
Like your young again,

You get my point?

All that you are,
Like your not scared at all,
Your best even though your not all there right now.

Is cheap when its all you want to believe.
is so sad when nothing good is said,

I wish
You could be me for just one day.
I could live my way this time around.
You would in joy this rhyme..
This time.

Author's Comments:
"i was trying something diffrent...its kinda off beat i know but i just was trying towrite somethig that wasnt deep! lol i know tis migth be hard to under stand but add the ..forget,remeber,love, every sentence of those that follow ..then it will make sense"

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