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I know theres not much......

This season

The falling snow,
The bitter cold,
I sit by the stove,
Enjoying the show

Thanksgiving is next week,
For family we soon shall greet,
Can’t wait for Christmas morning,
When all of heavens angels will be soaring

Then new years is next,
We will wonder were the time went
We’ll sit and talk about the things we wish to change,
Knowing our lives will never be the same.
Fall Feelings

To this season

Fall sets in,
The leaf change begins,
I realize summer has come and gone,
The winter now sneaks upon.

I feel a little lost,
But so does every one else.
I feel the effect of the cool breeze,
As it brings chills all around me.

This evening I deiced to take a walk,
And ponder a few lost thoughts,
I miss the warm mornings,
That I took advantage of,
Wish I could go back and thank God for them.

Though as I walk along,
And see the sun set,
I feel as though I’ve really come along,
From what I used to be.
The cost of a broken heart,
Finally paid off.
For the first time in my life,
I can see,
How its suppose to be,
For you and me……

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Music is my only true salvation